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Ellis Chiropractic Clinic
Anthony Nicholas D.C.
724 S 8th St
Griffin, GA
Ph1: 770-227-3514
Fax: 770-229-6059

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Ellis Chiropractic Clinic
 About Our Practice
Dr. Tony Nicholas was born and raised in CapeTown, South Africa and received a scholarship to play rugby from Life Chiropractic College in Marietta Georgia. Upon graduation he was introduced to Dr. John Ellis who at the time was the chairman of the Georgia Board of Examiners. The rest as they say "is history". Dr. Nicholas moved to Griffin, bought the clinic . Dr. Nicholas has been blessed with four wonderful children, Danielle, Mia Kathryn, Noah and Harrison. He is active in the community with coaching soccer and baseball and understands the rigors of parenthood and the associated stresses and strains of daily life. He also participates in Partners in education with Crescent Elementary School and Partners in Preschool with the First Methodist Preschool. He and several other area chiropractors also provide physicals every year for the Special Olympic athletes in Griffin. The doctors and staff consider that one of the best days of the year. Dr. Nicholas is an active member of several state and national associations. He has served as an examiner for the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners for eight years. Presently he is the chairman of the Ethics Committee for the Georgia Chiropractic Association and has also served as the first, second and third vice president. Due to his involvement with these organizations, Dr. Nicholas receives in excess of 60 hours of continuing education each year.

These experiences in the community and the profession and the emotional demands of sports and life enable Dr. Nicholas to be uniquely qualified in the fields of pediatrics, geriatrics, personal injury, maternity and spinal joint conditions.

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Upper Cervical
Upper Cervical Technique focuses on the precise adjusting of the atlas and axis, the two vertabra just below the head. It is the basic premise of the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research Association (NUCCRA) that an atlas or C1 subluxation is the most damaging subluxation in the spinal column. It is the first vertebral opening through which the nervous impulses pass to and from the brain. As it is located at the lower end of the brain stem, the subluxation's misalignment factors are capable of unsetting the central nervous system's inhibitory control over the extensor muscles of the spinal column, causing spinal imbalance, bodily distortions and stress. The NUCCA theory states that less than 1 mm of atlas laterality is enough to trigger a spastic contracture. Therefore, precision is essential in both X-ray taking and analysis. Each aspect is of equal importance: X-ray placement, X-ray analysis and the adjustment. Contraindications of this NUCCA adjustment are few, but osteoporosis and vertebral fracture are two conditions that could be problematic. The advantages of this procedure include safety, little pain, measurability, predictability, reliability and stability so that the body can heal itself. Skin temperature analysis, static and motion palpataion and spinal balance (leg check) are examination procedures which accompany x-ray analysis and preceed the initial adjustment. Complete physical, orthopedic, neurological examinations and laboratory, when indicated, are part of the work. The upper cervical X-ray series are used for the listing of the misalignments. Palmer Upper Cervical technique is a coordinated concussion of forces, applied by the hands, arms and shoulders, to reduce or correct multi-directional structural disrelationships of the first and second neck vertebrae in the human spine. The patient is placed on their side with their head on a drop head-piece falling approximately 1/2 inch as the adjustive thrust is initiated. A simultaneous and extremely rapid contaction of the doctor's arm muscles provides the adjustive thrust delivered through the doctor's hands. Only the hands are used to deliver the toggle (adjustive thrust). The hands and arms are allowed to 'recoil' quickly, thereby assuring minimal discomfort to the patient. Post adjustment instructions are given on an individual basis. Patients are usually advised to rest for a short period following adjustments and a 'common sense' exercise and balanced diet program are suggested.

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Driving Directions
From W. Taylor St. turn onto S. 8th St. at Burger King. The office is approximately 1/4 mile past the hospital on the left.

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